Simon Pegg regrets endangering his health with drug use


Simon Pegg regrets putting his health at risk by taking regularly taking ecstasy and amphetamines in his younger days.

Although the Star Trek actor’s misspent youth inspired his sitcom Spaced, the show that gave him his big break in showbusiness, he now has misgivings about his drug use.

“It’s weird when you look back at that kind of behaviour – you do it when you’re young because you feel so indestructible,” the 48-year-old told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “Now I can’t get behind the mindset of why you would do anything that would jeopardise your well-being just for a moment of feeling different.”

Earlier this year (18) Simon admitted that he had been secretly battling alcoholism since the mid-2000s – a crisis that was worsened by him becoming a major star and bagging a role alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III.

“When I watch that film back, I can see where I was then, which was fairly lost, and unhappy, and an alcoholic,” he said in an interview with The Guardian.

Although he hid his problem from fans, and even his best pal and longtime collaborator Nick Frost, the star indirectly addressed his problems with his 2013 movie The World’s End – a film in which he played a middle-aged man who endangers his friends with his determination to relive a student pub crawl.

“I felt like I was kind of telling people with that movie,” he admitted. “Because that’s what addiction is like. It’s like you have grown a second head and all it wants to do is destroy itself, and it puts that ahead of everything else – your marriage, children, your job.”