Simon West turns to crowdfunding for new movie

Director Simon West is using crowdfunding for his next movie so he can avoid drawn-out talks with film studio bosses. The Expendables 2 filmmaker is using crowdfunding site in a bid to raise $3 million (£1.8 million) for his upcoming action comedy Salty, based on the novel by Mark Haskell Smith.
Every backer of the project will become a shareholder who can make money if the movie turns a profit. Investors who donate more than $153,000 (£90,000) will be offered a minor role and those handing over more than $68,000 (£40,000) will get to meet the cast on set.
West decided to break away from film studio funding so he could have more control over the movie.
He says, “Salty is the type of film I’ve wanted to make for years – a tantalising cocktail of anarchic comedy, action and exotic locations. With a script that’s Spinal Tap meets The Hangover, I plan to shoot Salty in a style packed with energy, fun and glamour.
“During my two decades in the movie business I’ve funded films in a variety of ways, but for this one I was determined to break away from the big budget, big studio model. With the studios’ deep pockets comes bureaucracy that’s inefficient, expensive and which can stifle creativity.
“Salty will be different – and not just because it’s the first time smaller investors have been able to buy into a major film’s potential returns. As it’s a privately funded film, my production team and I will keep creative control while keeping costs down, while also giving free rein to the very best the cast and crew have to offer.”
West also directed Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Con Air.