Singer Kelis buys farm, hopes to open restaurant

Singer and celebrity chef Kelis is planning to open a restaurant on her new farm.
The Milkshake star announced plans to relocate her young family to the country last month (Jan18), revealing she hoped to grow as much of her own food as possible, and now she has found a new home.
“In this past year I’ve kinda felt like I need a restaurant,” she tells the Founder Hour podcast. “I need a space where I can actually be creative and I can do this on a daily basis.
“I decided, ‘Yeah, well how do I do that in staying with who I am and in the realm of control that I like to have (sic)?’ So I felt like, ‘You know what, let’s do a farm.’ We started looking for a farm. We found a property. And we’re going to start to grow everything.”
Kelis has been involved in the food industry for several years and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. She has since released a cookbook, titled My Life on a Plate, starred in TV series Saucy and Sweet, and created a sauce line, named Feast.