Singer Melba Moore offers support to ex-husband amid Ponzi scheme charges

R&B singer Melba Moore is lending her support to her embattled ex-husband, music producer Charles Huggins, as he prepares to stand trial for allegedly running a $5 million (£3.13 million) Ponzi scheme. Huggins faces up to 20 years behind bars amid allegations he conned wealthy clients, including comedian Steve Harvey and American football great Emmitt Smith, into investing in diamond and gold mining in West Africa, only to use the money to fund a record company and other business ventures from 2008 to 2011.
He is due to stand trial this week (begs10Feb14) and Moore reveals she will be there to support to her ex, despite the fact he left her broke following a nasty divorce battle in 1991.
The Lean On Me hitmaker tells the New York Post, “Charles took everything, but I had to start all over again, and I did.
“Charles is in a place in his life now that he needs me, and I’m probably the closest person to him right now. We can’t live in the past. I’m there for him now.”
Moore, who accused Huggins of “economic spousal abuse” during their lengthy marriage, insists she is simply repaying the kindness her former husband showed her at the start of their relationship decades ago.
She says, “I know that Charles did all of those horrible things to me. But what I choose to focus on now is the Charles that helped guide my career and teach me the ropes.”