Snoop Dogg Becomes A White Guy To Promote Non-Existent Website

Snoop DoggInstagram/snoopdogg

Snoop Dogg has left fans baffled after taking on the character of a bespectacled white guy for a series of videos.

The rapper donned whiteface make-up, nerdy glasses and a wig to promote a non-existent dating site for men, called As Todd, the Drop It Like It’s Hot hitmaker boasts he likes to “paintball, crochet and do a little spoken word in my free time”, and adds, “My bros (sic) want me to tell you about this new website, WhiteGuysConnect, where white guys look for fly single females to have a good time. Give us a call.”

It is not clear what the rap icon is hoping to achieve as his alter-ego or whether the videos are just an end-of-the-summer prank.