Soccer Mom Kicked Off Island

What’s going to happen now that the “heart and soul” of Pulau Tiga is gone? In a move that few foresaw, Gretchen Cordy, a 38-year-old preschool teacher from Tennessee and the “Survivor” island’s titular “heart and soul,” was the latest to get the boot.

And the decision was, according to retired Navy Seal hard-ass Rudy, at least because “she was a threat to win.”

Be that as it may, there’s no hard feelings on the part of the personable soccer mom. “Everything was beautiful, and I really enjoyed everybody I met. It’s all pleasant memories for me. It really is all pleasant memories,” she tells the CBS Web site (

“Well it’s my turn. I came, I saw and I didn’t conquer. But I had a great time playing, and I’m really glad I came,” concludes Cordy.

With Cordy checked off, nine castaways are left to battle for the $1 mil jackpot.