Sofia Vergara: ‘Joe Manganiello boosted my confidence for nude magazine cover’


Sofia Vergara relied on husband Joe Manganiello to help boost her confidence before posing nude for Women’s Health.

The Colombian star, who was recently named Forbes’ highest-paid actress on TV for the sixth year running, continues to wow with her fabulous physique while in the spotlight, always opting for figure-hugging dresses.

She recently posed naked on the cover of Women’s Health magazine, which she had some initial nerves about, but luckily her other half, Magic Mike actor Joe, was on hand to support her.

“Yeah, you don’t want to be naked at 45 – you don’t want to be in shorts at 45! – but it was a big opportunity to show that you can, actually, at 45,” she smiled to Extra. “It came out good. I was happy.

“Oh, (Joe) was fine (about me stripping off), he was easygoing. He was like, ‘You look great, I love it,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I have this!’ (Pointing to her body) He’s like, ‘What?’”

Despite being the envy of women all around the world the Modern Family actress admitted she too has her own body hang-ups, joking that women are “never happy” with themselves.

But that doesn’t discourage her from putting plenty of effort into staying in shape and Sofia has noticed she needs to break a sweat more nowadays in order to maintain her hourglass curves.

“I try to do everything in moderation and now I am 45 so I have to work out a little bit more and I have to take care of myself more,” she added.

She’s open to experimenting with her looks too and for the last couple of months has been rocking sleek bangs, which she notes are a lot of fun but a “nightmare” when it comes to wanting to grow them out.