Sokoloff in tears after unsuccessful tot feedings

The former The Practice star became a first-time mum after giving birth to Elliotte Anne Puro last month (08Feb12) but her transition into motherhood hasn’t been an easy one.

In a blog for, Sokoloff admits she is still “slowly adjusting to exhaustion”, and reveals her efforts to breastfeed her baby have left her in tears.

She writes, “We are now five weeks into Elliotte’s life and (breastfeeding is) something that I’m still really struggling with.

“My milk production came in quite low and after weeks of trying to find our groove, most feedings end with both of us in tears. I’ve been taking milk-producing herbs, drinking special tea and saying lots of prayers to will this to happen, but each day I simply do the best I can… I had no idea that something as simple as feeding my daughter would cause both of us so much stress and heartache.”

Sokoloff has met with a lactation consultant for advice, and hopes she will be able to conquer her feeding problems.

She adds, “I know that since we made it to one month we can make it to three months and then to six… and so on!”