Somerhalder offers to fund investigation into cat killing

Jacob Burris, the campaign manager for Arkansas Democratic congressional candidate Ken Aden, found the family’s pet slain on his doorstop on Sunday (22Jan12), with the word ‘liberal’ inscribed along the dead feline’s back.

Burris contacted the Russellville Police Department to report the act of animal cruelty and now The Vampire Diaries star has taken to his to express his disgust and demand appropriate action be taken to catch the sick perpetrator.

In a series of posts on Thursday (26Jan12), he writes, “Lets get to the bottom of it. Whom ever it is should be prosecuted to full extent of law.

“This kitty killed in Arkansas with LIBERAL scribed on it’s fur.THIS IS NOT OAKY (OK) IF police do not or will not find party/parties responsible,I will start a PRIVATE INVESTIGATION into the matter.I sure many of you agree.”