Songwriter had transplant after eating poisonous mushrooms

Acclaimed British songwriter Charlotte Gordon Cumming had a life-saving kidney transplant after she nearly died from eating poisonous wild mushrooms. The 55 year old, who is married to The Horse Whisperer author Nicholas Evans, almost lost her life after her partner accidentally picked a batch of deadly webcaps from a forest and served them up during dinner in 2008.
She was left in need of dialysis treatment after suffering kidney failure and had to undergo a transplant operation, and her writer husband underwent similar surgery in 2011 after his daughter Lauren donated an organ.
Cumming now admits they are both lucky to be alive, telling Britain’s Daily Record newspaper, “To get to the other side of the transplant and to feel well again is simply extraordinary. I can truly say I feel immensely grateful.”
The kidney was donated by Cumming’s friend, Serena Tucker, and she credits her pal with saving her life, adding, “Serena has given me a second chance at life… I can’t put into words what it feels like when someone steps up like that because they really are saving your life. I am humbled and blessed.”