Sony Delves into Animation

The now-famous green ogre Shrek produced a lot of the other kind of green for DreamWorks at the box office, and now Sony Pictures Entertainment is drooling for a green-machine of their own.

And it’s already in the works.

On Thursday, the Hollywood arm of Japan’s Sony Corp. announced they will begin producing computer-animated films, and they’re hiring the best in the business to ensure they’ll succeed.

Reuters reports that Sony recruited former DreamWorks and Shrek executive producers Sandra Rabins and Penney Finkelman Cox to head the new animated division, and they’re considering adding 150 animators and staffers to work on the films.

The company’s goal is to have its first digital feature in theaters by 2005.

The sooner, the better, of course, considering computer animation is known for its huge profit potential. Pixar Animation Studios, for example, has made four consecutive box office hits, including Monsters, Inc. which grossed $253 million in domestic theaters.