Spielberg almost made Benjamin Button with Cruise

The movie mogul admits the film, based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, was almost the first project he and Cruise collaborated on.

He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, “Tom and I had been friends for many, many years. We had considered working together. Benjamin Button, we had talked about maybe doing together, long before Minority Report. But nothing quite gelled for either of us.”

And Spielberg admits he almost recruited Harrison Ford for Jurassic Park instead of Sam Neill: “My first choice was Harrison. I went to the art department and I had them do a photo-realistic painting of the T-Rex chasing Harrison… and I put Harrison’s face on the character of the archaeologist, and sent the script, the book, and the picture to Harrison.

“The next day I got a call and he said, ‘This is not for me, pal.'”