Spielberg’s Next Big Project

Internationally acclaimed director Steven Spielberg is losing fans quick in the city of Brentwood, Calif., with his construction plans for a giant five-story horse-riding ring in the area, The Associated Press says.

The colossal structure — estimated at 27,000 square feet and at $7 million (not including the $5.75 mil Spielberg shelled out for the land) — is meant as a gift for the “Saving Private Ryan” Oscar winner’s wife and horse lover, actress Kate Capshaw.

But don’t expect the city’s residents to rejoice: Some of the irked neighbors have hired legal representation to fight the proposal and have vowed to stand firm unless the construction is dramatically scaled back.

“It’s just astounding and obnoxious,” land use attorney John Murdock, who has been retained by a half-dozen people who live near the proposed site, told AP. “They’re cutting out half the hillside to put in this riding ring. … The structure is completely alien to the area.”

The city of Los Angeles will rule on the case at a Jan. 4 zoning administration hearing. Spielberg may appeal any decisions.

Spielberg and Capshaw live in an area outside Brentwood and have no plans to reside on the proposed site of construction.

MORE SPIELBERG NEWS: But if it’s any consolation, Spielberg — along with ex-basketball great Magic Johnson — are among some of the celebrities who will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year, AP reports.