**SPOILER ALERT** Mia Farrow tweets ending of Homeland

Mia Farrow found herself under fire from Homeland fans on Monday (16Dec13) after revealing the conclusion to the hit TV series in a tweet. Millions tuned in to the season three finale of the spy drama and quickly took to Twitter.com to discuss the death of one of the show’s key characters.
Farrow, who is currently in Kenya visiting the Shining Hope For Communities gender equality and urban poverty charity, took to her own account on the social networking site to share her shock at the series conclusion but ruined the surprise for thousands of fans.
She wrote, “WHAT??! They killed Brody? I’m DONE (with) Homeland”
One angry fan wrote to the actress and humanitarian, “I was planning to watch the latest season of Homeland on a long flight next week, thanks for ruining that,” while another added, “I never thought I’d ever be mad at Mia Farrow, but she spoiled homeland tonight!”
Farrow has since taken to her account again to apologise and explain that she was only responding to tweets she saw from other fans of the show.
She wrote, “Listen I’m in Kenya & only saw Homeland tweets – not the show. Sorry. unspoiling (sic).”