“Star Wars” Slammed for Continuity Errors

The final Star Wars movie Episode III-Revenge of the Sith has been slated by
outraged fans, because it’s riddled with continuity errors.

Viewers have inundated website Moviemistakes.com complaining director George Lucas‘ blockbuster contains 14 glaring mistakes.

One film fan says of the latest film, “When he is telling Anakin how proud he
is of him, Obi-Wan’s eye color shifts from Ewan McGregor‘s natural blue-green
eyes to a dark brown.”

Another fumes, “When Samuel L. Jackson says, ‘I don’t think the boy can handle
it, I don’t trust him,’ his lips don’t match his dialogue.”

But the mistakes in the current release are nothing compared to the original 1977 film Star Wars which contained 214 mistakes, and its sequel The Empire Strikes Back, which contained 144 errors.

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