Celebrities flock to White House for 2013 Correspondents’ Dinner

Nicole Kidman, Kevin Spacey and Michael Douglas were among the A-list stars who descended on Washington, D.C. on Saturday night (27Apr13) to attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The yearly gathering was hosted by TV funnyman Conan O’Brien and some of the most famous names in Hollywood were drawn to U.S. President Barack Obama’s party at the Washington Hilton hotel.

Actors including Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Claire Danes, Connie Britton, Paul Rudd and Gerard Butler all turned out for the event, along with Katy Perry, Barbara Streisand, Olivia Wilde and her fiance Jason Sudeikis, John Legend and South Korean pop sensation Psy. Obama made a joke-filled speech to his famous guests, during which he poked fun at Michael Douglas for his turn as U.S. leader in a 1995 romantic comedy, revealing he had been told to solve his political problems by “being more like Michael Douglas in The American President”.

Obama also addressed Jay-Z and Beyonce’s controversial trip to Cuba earlier this month (Apr13) and made a humorous reference to the rapper’s song 99 Problems, telling the crowd, “It’s unbelievable – I got 99 problems and now Jay-Z is one.” Kevin Spacey also filmed a spoof video dubbed House of Nerds, based on his online political TV show House of Cards, which was shown during the evening.