Stars praise George Osborne’s theatre tax break

Stage stars including Hugh Bonneville, Simon Callow and David Suchet have praised U.K. chancellor George Osborne for announcing a tax break for British theatre companies. In a letter published in Britain’s The Times newspaper, the group of actors welcomed the news that a creative sector tax credit regime has been extended to include regional and touring theatre companies.
The letter reads, “This is a powerful encouragement to the creative sector, stimulating jobs, live performances, cultural export, and more public encouragement in the arts across the whole country. British theatre leads the world. We have some of the finest writers, directors, designers, actors, dancers, singers and technicians, and we must guarantee this pre-eminence for future generations.”
Announcing the government’s budget plans last week (ends23Mar14), Osborne revealed touring theatre companies will get a 25 per cent tax break while other qualifying companies will be handed a 20 per cent tax reduction in an effort to keep the British theatre industry thriving.