Stephen Belafonte: ‘Mel B’s a racist who thinks she’s Armenian’

Mel B’s custody battle with her ex has just got really messy – he’s accusing her of being racist.
In new court documents obtained by The Blast, Stephen Belafonte claims the Spice Girls star has a “distaste towards African Americans” and believes she is Armenian.
The allegations are listed in Belafonte’s latest legal missive aimed at his former wife, in which he has opposed a string of requests concerning their daughter, Madison.
“Simply put, I believe Petitioner is simply upset that I hired an African American nanny and that Madison has African American friends when she is with me,” Belafonte writes.
He claims Mel B referred to one of their daughter’s friends as “a black boy”, while suggesting his family had “needles and glass pipes” in the house.
He also alleges his ex berated him for not having a job, calling him “lazy like every other black man”.
“I am concerned Petitioner will try and pass her racist agenda off to our daughter (as Petitioner believes she is Armenian),” he adds.
The exes were in court on Thursday. They are scheduled to return next month (Nov18).