Steve Carell and Craig Ferguson have fun in New Orleans oyster bar

The funnymen visited Pascal’s Manale, even though Carell is allergic to seafood and late night chat show host Ferguson had never tried an oyster, as part of a pre-taped post-big game TV special, which aired on Sunday night (03Feb13).

The nervous double act watched as a restaurant staffer shucked an oyster before them and Ferguson confessed, “I’ve never had an oyster,” while Carell said, “I’m actually allergic to oysters… I’ve heard they’re delicious.”

Ferguson eventually plucked up the courage to try his first oyster as his sidekick started “freaking out”, but he was left unimpressed, joking, “That was the best snot I ever had.”

The couple then sat down for a salad and Ferguson forced Carell to eat a pepper to make up for the fact he couldn’t try an oyster.

The movie star took the dare and immediately regretted is as he started to feel the heat, adding, “I thought that would be very mild… I really didn’t expect that… My nose is dripping.”

Giggling Ferguson said, “I feel terrible and happy at the same time.”

During the TV special, Ferguson also aired an interview he conducted with Twilight star Nikki Reed as they walked through a New Orleans graveyard.

The actress went on record and said she hopes to be cremated after she passes, but Ferguson suggested that might be difficult – because Reed is Jewish, stating, “Is cremation OK in the Jewish faith?”

She replied, “I don’t know the answer to that, but that’s (cremation) what I would do… I just feel like… for me, it would be the right thing to do.”

The chat show host also visited actor Channing Tatum’s New Orleans bar and restaurant Saints & Sinners.