Steve Coogan: ‘Stars who apologise for indiscretions are pitiful’

British comic Steve Coogan has blasted A-list stars who apologise after they are caught misbehaving, insisting he will never publicly repent for any indiscretions in his personal life. The actor has helped lead a campaign for harsher regulations governing the U.K. media on behalf of celebrities who had their voicemail accessed by a private investigator working for now-defunct tabloid the News of the World.
Coogan himself has come under intense scrutiny by the press for his private affairs, including a 2005 fling with rocker Courtney Love, but he is adamant famous faces should not have to explain their actions to fans.
He tells Britain’s Radio Times, “When my life has been the subject of tabloid intrusion, what I have never done is get engaged in justifying myself. Celebrities who go round apologising are pitiful, and don’t do themselves any favours. They shouldn’t have to justify themselves on these preconceived, pious, sanctimonious projections of the slightly antiquated morality of these tabloid newspapers.”
The Tropic Thunder star is also adamant he has never courted publicity, adding, “I don’t talk about my personal life, I don’t go in Hello! magazine to get a free kitchen because I show them my kitchen. I like to be creative, but I’m not interested in being recognised.”