Steve Earle: ‘My memoirs will help to pay for autistic son’s education’

Singer/songwriter Steve Earle agreed to write a memoir to help him cover the costs of his autistic son’s education. The Copperhead Road hitmaker claims the book he is currently working on is the first thing he’s ever done for financial gain, but he can live with himself because there was a bigger family reason behind his decision to spill all about his colourful, often troubled life.
He tells Men’s Journal magazine, “For a long time I didn’t write a memoir on purpose, because it just seemed like f**king myself out of a lot of song material.
“The reason I did it was money. My son was diagnosed with autism. He’s OK, he makes eye contact, but he doesn’t talk. He needs eight hours a day of very intensive school, and you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you how much it costs.
“It’s the first artistic decision I’ve ever made based on money in my entire life… I don’t think I’m going to hell for it.”