Steve Harley campaigning against solar farm

Cockney Rebel frontman Steve Harley has thrown his support behind a campaign to block plans to build a solar farm close to his home in the English countryside. The Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) star lives in the village of Belchamp Otten, in Essex, England, and he is fuming over a proposal to erect thousands of electricity-generating panels in nearby fields.
Harley, who has resided in the area for 25 years, is convinced the solar power plant will ruin the country landscape.
He tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “It is a shockingly ugly plan that will ruin a beautiful part of our heritage. It won’t create any jobs, it won’t benefit the village in any way at all and we fear that this will be the first of many similar applications for solar farms here.
“We live among green fields of grass, yellow fields of corn and blue fields of flax. These massive and monstrous fields of glass and alloy are unthinkable to those of us who love the countryside. Solar panels belong on brownfield sites and roof-tops – not on the fields of the Stour Valley, an area painted by (celebrated artists) Constable and Gainsborough.”
Many other villagers have reportedly voiced opposition to the scheme. Developers have applied for planning permission to erect the panels on the site, but insist they will mostly be hidden from view.