Stevie Nicks finally embraces modern trappings

Singer Stevie Nicks finally decided to get with the modern world and buy a cell phone after cheating death in a fire. The Fleetwood Mac star enjoyed a life free of modern technology including the Internet but realised she needed to catch up after escaping a blaze in Malibu, California.
She has now turned her back on her Luddite ways by purchasing a cell phone and agreeing to kit out her home with a broadband connection and a laptop.
Nicks tells British magazine Stella, “I had to escape a fire in Malibu a couple of years ago. That’s when I realised I had to have (a cell phone). Now I do have a cell phone… Just ’cause (sic) I don’t like the Internet doesn’t mean that everybody’s gonna stop using it. So I’m starting to think: ‘You know what? Am I just punishing myself? I might has well know how to do it.'”