Stevie Wonder Surprised Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience with Tidal Concert Tickets

Stevie Wonder Surprised Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience with Tidal Concert Tickets


Stevie Wonder treated the entire Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience to tickets for the Tidal x Brooklyn benefit concert on Tuesday night (17Oct17).

The talk show host has been presenting his program in hometown of Brooklyn, New York this week rather than his usual Hollywood setting and was in town on the same night as the charity event, which raised money for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the recent earthquakes in Mexico.

Stevie made a surprise appearance on the episode, sitting at a pretend bus stop holding a copy of the National Enquirer which featured the headline, ‘Stevie Wonder can see again!’

“So I’m just sitting here, reading about me being able to see,” the Isn’t She Lovely singer, who has been blind for most of his life, quipped. “I heard you were in Brooklyn and I’m gonna be just a few blocks away tonight at the Barclays Center for the Tidal x concert.”

Jimmy got in on the joke, asking Stevie if he reads by simply holding things up, to which the 67-year-old star further poked fun at the false story before calling for more to be done about supporting victims of the natural disasters.

“You know what, I tell you, if they would spend as much time talking about what I can do that I can’t… Raise money for this benefit (instead). Do something…” he said, to which the audience applauded.

Sighing, Jimmy noted he wished all the people who came to watch his show could attend the concert, though acknowledged it’s “probably not possible”.

However, Stevie appeared to come to the rescue as he announced, “No, no, no, you know what? I brought enough tickets for the entire audience.”

As people clapped and cheered with delight, Jimmy – appearing surprised – clarified, “Stevie Wonder is taking everyone in our audience to the Tidal X Benefit show.”

Stevie performed alongside the likes of Tidal founder JAY-Z and Fifth Harmony at the gig on Tuesday.