Sting agreed to Police reunion to alleviate his guilt

Veteran rocker Sting agreed to reunite The Police for a world tour in 2007 because he felt so guilty about making millions as a solo artist while his former bandmates struggled. The British musician found huge success as a solo star after the group disbanded in 1986, but admits he felt bad for guitarist Andy Summers and drummed Stewart Copeland as they failed to replicate his success.
Sting now reveals his feelings of guilt played a large part in his decision to reunite for a comeback trek, which ran from 2007 until 2008.
He tells Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, “There was a certain amount of guilt. I needed to look after them to an extent. Not that they were begging, they’re too proud for that. But they were very happy to do the tour. It was a f**king great pay day for them.”