Stone Cold Sues Ex for Alleged Gun Threat

Former wrestling champ ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has accused his ex-girlfriend Tess Broussard of putting a gun in his mouth before turning it on his friends, members of the Los Lonely Boys band.

The shocking allegations–uncovered by TV show Celebrity Justice–are part of a $185 million countersuit filed by Austin, real name Steven James Williams, against Broussard.

Austin’s spokesperson, Alan Mayer, says the breakup turned into a legal fight in August when Broussard allegedly stabbed Austin’s attorney with a steak knife at a Beverly Hills eatery, the same night Austin had discussed the breakup with Broussard.

Mayer says, “It was an unprovoked attack that was witnessed by quite a few people. Steve was going to pay her $1.5 million for her to get on with her life and get out of his life.”

Broussard was arrested and carted off to jail, but she insists she was framed, implying the attorney stabbed himself. She then filed a $20 million suit against Austin and the alleged stabbing victim, accusing them of–among other things false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Austin’s countersuit alleges Broussard has a history of irrational and abusive behavior stemming from excessive drinking and drug abuse.

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