Stripper inspiration behind La Dolce Vita dies

The woman who inspired Federico Fellini’s classic film La Dolce Vita has died. Exotic dancer Aiche Nana passed away at a hospital in Rome, Italy on Wednesday (29Jan14) aged 78.
The Turkish beauty caused a stir in a Roman restaurant in 1958 by performing a striptease for revellers. The party was raided by police but not before photographer Tazio Secchiaroli caught her display on film.
The pictures were published days later, and inspired Fellini to make his 1960 movie about the love life of a gossip columnist. He paid homage to Nana in a strip scene featuring Nadia Gray.
Nana went on to land several small acting roles in Italian movies such as 1977’s Viva Italia! and Marco Ferreri’s Storia di Piera in 1983.