Sugar Ray, Sabbath, Creed talk new album

Sugar Ray, best known for their hits “Fly” and “Every Morning,” will follow punk and new wave sounds in their forthcoming self-titled album, due June 12. According to Rolling Stone magazine, lead singer Mark McGrath describes the first single, “When It’s Over,” as a bouncy breakup song that’s a throwback to the group’s past hits. The guitar-heavy album will give McGrath the chance to play guitar on stage. “I love playing guitar, even though I suck,” McGrath said.
The four original members of Black Sabbath – Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler – have begun work on a new album, their first since 1978’s Never Say Die, Rolling Stone reports. They have at least five songs in the works and will continue toiling on the album in London after headlining this summer’s Ozzfest tour. Black Sabbath will release the album next spring. “It’s gone right back to the beginning,” Iommi said. “It sounds much the same as it did in the early days, hopefully only better.” Osbourne will release his latest solo album on Oct. 16, featuring tracks co-written with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Foreigner’s Mick Jones.
Creed singer Scott Stapp is enjoying spending time at his Florida home, close to his son Jagger. Stapp is taking the time off to write new material for the band’s new album. The singer told that he’s particularly excited about a song he wrote, “Hide.” “It’s just about escaping and finding a place where there’s no reason to hide,” he said. Stapp hopes to release the album, possibly titled Weathered by the end of the year. Stapp also has been working with his nonprofit organization With Arms Wide Open, which has raised close to $500,000 for Florida charities. Among the current projects are a Space Camp and a music scholarship, both seeking to strengthen relationships between parents and their children, an issue Stapp himself had while growing up.