Summer Movie All-Stars

Bruce Willis
‘Moonrise Kingdom’ & ‘The Expendables 2’: Willis got to exercise both sides of his acting sensibilities this summer. He got to be the thespian in Wes Anderson’s latest indie and the aging action hero, obviously, in the sequel to ‘A Bunch of Bad Ass Old Guys Come Back to Kiss Ass Again.’ {Focus Features/Lionsgate}
Jeremy Renner
'The Avengers' & 'The Bourne Legacy': Between joining an all-star set of crime fighters and taking up Matt Damon's vacant Bourne mantle, Renner is having a very good summer. And he's got the box office numbers to prove it. {Disney/Universal}
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ & ‘Premium Rush’: Gordon-Levitt gets to play the hero (hey, he does some saving in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) two times in one summer, and he gets to be adorable the whole time too. What a great deal for the rest of us, eh? {Columbia Pictures/Warner Bros.}
Tom Hardy
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ & ‘Lawless’: For those that had issue with Hardy’s Bane (specifically, the gargled fervor with which he spoke his words), his Virginian bootlegger is a worthy remedy. Sometimes you don’t need to torment a superhero to be a complete and total badass; for Hardy, a revolver and a comfy sweater will do. {Warner Bros/The Weinstein Company}
Charlize Theron
‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ & ‘Prometheus’: On one hand, she got to play the terrifying and gorgeous, milk-bathing Evil Queen, and on the other hand she got to be in a movie with Michael Fassbender. Yes, Charlize, we’re giving you the stink eye, but it’s just because we’re jealous. {Universal/20th Century Fox}
Joe Mangianello
‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ & ‘Magic Mike’: More Joe Mangianello is always good. Especially when he manages to be shirtless in every role he snags on the big screen. That’s certainly one way to break out in Tinsel Town. {Warner Bros./Lionsgate}
Chris Hemsworth
‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ & ‘The Avengers’: Liam Hemsworth may be the name on celebrity-obsessed lips these days, but Chris Hemsworth is killing it in Hollywood. Between reprising the god of Thunder to team up with a gaggle of superheroes and being the most handsome part of ‘SWATH,’ this Aussie is winning the Summer Movies game. {Universal/Disney}
Ed Norton
‘Moonrise Kingdom’ & ‘The Bourne Legacy’: This summer treated us to two awesome sides of one of our favorite actors. In ‘Moonrise,’ we meet a sweet, bumbling Boy Scout leader and we loved him. And in ‘Bourne’ we’re treated to his more calculating, angry side. What more could we ask for? {Focus Features/Universal}
Brooklyn Decker
‘Battleship’ & ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’: Well, ‘Battleship’ wasn’t exactly a glorious summer movie venture, but hey, who’s going to complain about more Brooklyn Decker? Yeah, that’s what I thought. {Universal/Lionsgate}
Andy Samberg
‘That’s My Boy’ & ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’: Sometimes, you do a disgusting comedy with Adam Sandler. And sometimes, you wash the bad taste out of our mouths by co-starring in a wonderful indie flick from Rashida Jones and make it all better. {Columbia Pictures/ Sony Pictures Classics}
Bryan Cranston
‘Rock of Ages’ & ‘Total Recall’: Sure, we’d prefer if this ‘Breaking Bad’ star just did everything as Walter White, but I’ve got news for you: the world is not ready. Cranston – who used to do funny when he was playing pops to ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ – needs to get his big screen roles as they come. Even if he has to stand behind a raving Catherine Zeta-Jones on occasion. {Warner Bros/TriStar Pictures}
Matthew McCounaghey
‘Magic Mike’ & ‘Killer Joe’: I’d wager there’s something in his contract that stipulates that his characters must wear black cowboy hats — either that or filmmakers have realized that his face is perfectly-suited for them. Either way, no one’s complaining. {LD Entertainment/Warner Bros}
Taylor Kitsch
‘Battleship’ & ‘Savages’: We’re just going to go ahead and forget about that whole shirtless-warrior-on-Mars stint of his and acknowledge that Kitsch is really giving this movie star thing his all. Even if part of “his all” includes fighting Transformers in the ocean. {Universal Pictures (2)}
Tommy Lee Jones
‘Men in Black 3’ & ‘Hope Springs’: Jones may be the winner on this list. He got to reprise his laser-gun-wielding secret agent for ‘MIB 3’ and he got to get a, er, let’s call it a favor, from Meryl Streep in his love-and-sex-can-exist-after-50 flick. {Columbia Pictures (2)}
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