Superman Stays the Same

Bryan Singer has snubbed the temptation to alter Superman’s costume, choosing instead to stick religiously to the look made famous by Christopher Reeve and the original comic books.

Pictures of new Superman actor Brandon Routh in the traditional blue body suit, red tights and cape have been released to widespread applause, following fears director Singer would tamper with the superhero’s wardrobe–like he did with the X-Men characters.

But Singer–who replaced the X-Men comic book creations’ fluorescent spandex suits with dark leather uniforms–insists there would be no point in changing Superman’s appearance in Superman Returns.

He says, “I always had the general idea of the suit. With X-Men, although
they had extraordinary powers, they also had physical weaknesses. The suits
were for protection as well as costume.

“Superman is the Man of Steel. Bullets bounce off him, not the suit.”

Shooting on the new Superman movie–the first since 1980’s Superman II starring the late Reeve–is already underway in Sydney, Australia.

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