Supermodel angst strikes again

British supermodel Naomi Campbell is in the news once again after being asked to leave an exclusive London boutique. Campbell shouted at the store’s staff for not opening the door quickly enough.

Reuters reports that the prestigious runway model was asked to leave the members-only Voyage clothing store after telling staff they should have recognized her immediately and opened the door faster. Apparently, Campbell rang the doorbell several times and was not recognized by the shop owners. She only gained entry to the boutique when another customer turned up.

“We apologized, but she kept going on and on and on, and tried to make a problem about it,” Rocky Mazilli, son of the shop’s Italian owners. According to Reuters, Mazilli’s sister asked Campbell to leave, then called the model’s agency to revoke her membership at Voyage.

Campbell is almost as famous for her quick temper as for her leggy good looks and catwalk success. Last year, Campbell’s personal secretary Georgina Galanis claimed that the model slapped and punched her, hit her on the head with a phone, and threatened to throw her from a moving car. Campbell’s spokesperson was unavailable for comment.