Susan Sarandon married her ex-husband out of convenience

Actress Susan Sarandon married her ex-husband out of convenience, so the couple could live together while attending The Catholic University of America. The Oscar winner began dating actor Chris Sarandon in 1964 when the Dog Day Afternoon hunk was studying for his masters in theatre at the prestigious Washington, D.C. college, but due to the school’s strict religious beliefs they couldn’t share the same apartment unless they were husband and wife.
She tells USA Today, “I was living with Chris Sarandon. He was a grad student; I was still an undergrad. We couldn’t stay at Catholic University unless we were married.”
She adds, “It wasn’t the same frame of mind as my daughter’s (Eva Amurri) wedding. Hers went smoothly… (Mine was) very shoestring. I was 20. My dress was Velcro’d together. We ripped ivy off the buildings. My bridesmaids made their own dresses. It was fun.”
The stars divorced in 1979 after 12 years of marriage.