Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle Blames T.I.’s Groupies for Marriage Split


T.I.’s wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle has hinted her estranged husband’s lusty fans prompted the breakdown of the couple’s marriage.

In a new interview, the singer reveals the attention T.I. received from females was difficult to deal with.

“It’s crazy because they don’t really care,” she tells Essence’s Yes, Girl! podcast. “Women today, they don’t really care that it’s just for a night. So how can a man… they keep throwing it and keep throwing it. Like, how are they supposed to stay normal and just faithful when this is going on all day, all night? It’s a lot.”

Cottle separated from the Live Your Life hitmaker in December (16), and quickly filed for divorce, and the hip-hop star recently denied he and Tiny were back together after they were spotted hanging out.
Tiny admits her six-year marriage is almost over, but she remains on good terms with T.I.

“We still talk all the time,” she adds. “We’re still together all the time.”

But she had to confront her estranged husband following comments he made about their marriage being a “distraction”.

In an interview with New York radio station Power 105 earlier this month (Apr17), the rapper explained the relationship “distracted” him from carving out his legacy, adding he is now focused on his career.

“Ultimately man, I’m on a mission,” the hip-hop heavyweight declared. “I’m striving to take my family, its name and our legacy as far and high as it can possibly go. And in my life there will be two different things. There will be people, places and things that help me get there. And there will be people, places and things that distract and deter me from getting there.

“It seems to me that marriage and what marriage means and what marriage does – it’s just one of those things that’s going to distract and deter me. I just have a purpose and I don’t always have the time to do the thoughtful, considerate things that a husband should do.”

After the interview, Cottle confronted T.I. about his comments, and reveals he doesn’t understand why she is upset by what he said.

“(He’s like), ‘I don’t get it… I didn’t say anything bad about you’,” she tells the podcast. “I’m like, ‘That doesn’t make sense… That’s a cop out, pretty much. Like, you’re too old for that. A distraction? Boy, you’ve been married for seven years going on now, and you’ve been in this relationship for 15 years now. OK?’

“I don’t see much of a difference from being married from when we wasn’t married (sic),” she continues. “What changed so much?”

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