Taraji P. Henson uses apps to help overcome mental health issues


Taraji P. Henson has shared she uses a number of self-care apps to help deal with her ongoing battle with anxiety and depression.

The Empire star, who was recognized by Variety Power of Women for her work fighting the stigma of mental illness in the black community on Friday (05Apr19), revealed during an interview with Extra that she uses the platforms to help guide her meditation and clear her mind.

“There are a couple of apps that I use. There’s one called Mindfulness and it kinda coaches you through meditation,” the 48-year-old said. “I think people think meditation is you got to sit and go ‘om’, (but) meditation is sometimes letting your thoughts run through until it’s quiet, and the only way you have to do that is breathe.”

The Hidden Figures actress also spoke about her personal mental health struggles, and reflected on the need for more people in the public eye to open up about their issues to help people who may not have as big of a support network.

“People have a misconception about celebrities (that) we have it all together, but we have our own real lives to go to when the cameras are off,” she confessed. “I think by making it more tangible and putting a face to it is saying it’s okay to not be okay.”

The star went on to highlight that her candidness surrounding her struggles has resulted in fans opening up to her, and she stressed that a wider conversation is necessary to help make a difference.

“I’m starting to see more dialogue… and that’s all I ever wanted,” the star added.