Tearful Lana Del Rey struggles to move on from foiled ‘kidnapping plot’


Lana Del Rey broke down on stage as she performed on Wednesday night (07Feb18), just days after police foiled an alleged attempt to kidnap her.

Officers in Orlando, Florida, apprehended Michael Hunt, 43, near the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, last Friday (02Feb18) before the Video Games star’s performance at the venue that night.

Cops, who received a tip-off about a potential “kidnapping threat” to Lana, reportedly found the suspect in possession of a knife and charged him with attempted kidnapping with a weapon, and aggravated stalking.

The dramatic turn of events still appear to be affecting Lana, who struggled to control her emotions and broke down while sitting on the stage at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, during Wednesday’s concert.

Video from the performance showed Lana welling up before wiping away her tears as she looked up at another man on the stage.

She didn’t reference her outpouring of emotion, but as she performed in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday night – just two days after the man was arrested – she told the audience: “After what happened in Orlando, I just really wanted to be here with you guys tonight. I was totally feeling fine and then I just got… a little bit nervous when I got on stage.”

“I just want to say that I’m super happy to be here with you guys, but if I’m a little bit feathery (emotional), bear with me.”

Hunt appeared in a Florida courtroom on Sunday, smiling and laughing as the case was heard. According to local news station WESH2, after reading the arrest paperwork, the judge determined that there was probable cause for the Aggravated Stalking charge, but dismiss the Attempted Kidnapping charge.

After hearing the prosecutor’s argument, including numerous Facebook posts Hunt had penned about his love of Lana, the judge decided to deny bail because Hunt could be a possible danger to the community.

“Due to the nature of the statements that there are no conditions of release that would protect the public, so I will order pretrial detention for aggravated stalking. Mr. Hunt, at this time, you are being held without bond,” the judge said.

But Hunt, who had declined an attorney and chosen to represent himself, shook his head no and added: “…there’s nothing in it (the Facebook posts) that sounded derogatory or mean, nothing that says I was gonna harm anybody. Did I wanna see her yes I admitted that to you, do I care for her, yes, do I know her, no, I only know her from her songs.”

Hunt will now remain in custody until such time as the judge assigned to his case decides he can safely be released on bail.

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