Terry Hall ripped out stitches during show

The Specials frontman Terry Hall had to rip surgical stitches out of his tongue in the middle of a concert when his mouth locked shut and he couldn’t sing. The British pop star underwent a procedure in 2012 to remove a cancerous growth from his tongue, and the surgery left him with several stitches in his mouth.
He was determined to carry on performing on a tour Down Under but received a nasty shock during a gig when a stray suture got caught in his teeth and held his jaws shut.
Hall tells Mojo magazine, “They removed stuff from my tongue and I had to have stitches in my tongue and my mouth. It was quite funny – we went to Australia to do a gig, and I was singing, it was either Friday Night, Saturday Morning, or Ghost Town, and a stitch had got caught in my back teeth just when I was trying to hit this note, so my tongue was like it’d been padlocked.
“It was ridiculous. I ran off stage and cut my stitches out. The surgeon went mad, but it was the only way I could sing.”