The 1975 halt Glastonbury set after fight breaks out

British rockers The 1975 brought their surprise opening night show at the Glastonbury festival to an abrupt halt on Thursday night (26Jun14) after an unruly fan threw a can onstage. The Chocolate hitmakers were in the middle of playing a secret set at the Somerset music festival when a fan threw the object onstage, according to
Soon after, a fight broke out at the front of the crowd, prompting singer Matthew Healy to abruptly end the group’s set.
He told the revellers, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to disrupt your peaceful Glastonbury but someone just threw a can onstage. I won’t have people fighting at my Glastonbury.”
Security guards escorted a man through the audience and out of the tent where The 1975 was playing, and after the commotion died down, the group returned to the stage and continued its set.
Fans were treated to another another surprise at the end of their show – the band brought out electronic music group Metronomy to join them onstage.