The 6 Best ‘My Strange Addiction’ Parodies: Twerkers, Vapers And People Addicted To Being Furniture

my strange addiction

TLC’s My Strange Addiction is a barrister of weird. The binge-worthy series has featured the most bizarre addicts in TV history. Remember that girl who was addicted to eating memory foam? What about that person who was addicted to drinking gasoline and somehow still alive? The people on this show are a true testament to how much the human body can actually put up with, and while we don’t want to laugh at the misfortune of others — especially others who are suffering from tragic, albeit totally weird, addictions — we can’t help but chuckle at the various My Strange Addiction parodies littering YouTube.

Some of these parodies are obviously not real, but the thing about My Strange Addiction is that it’s often so strange that it’s hard to tell if these parodies are actually real episodes. When searching for our fave’s online, we came across quite a few that we immediately dismissed as having been from the actual show until we researched it more and realized they were absolutely fake. If anything, this makes us love the show more. It truly is so unbelievably weird. 

If you’ve already watched every episode of My Strange Addiction that Netflix is currently offering, these parodies should hold you over and provide you with a few chuckles.

1. I Want To Be A Sofa | My Weird Addiction

Hands down, this is the best My Strange Addiction Parody you’ll see. It’s so real, if it had the proper name and logos, we’d think this was actually an episode! Not to mention, it’s hilariously bizarre. 

2. My Twerking Addiction

“Twerking is sweeping the nation at a rate of 3 people per second. That’s almost 15 people per hour.” We can’t stop laughing.

3. Dabbing | My Strange Addiction

Really, who isn’t addicted to this dance move, though?

4. Damn Daniel | My Strange Addiction

This is what happens when you’re addicted to a meme about a boy wearing white Vans.

5. Vaping | My Strange Addiction

“They call me the Dragon Slayer because I blow fire.” We get it bro, you vape #vapelife.

6. Addicted To Roasting | My Strange Addiction

“This guy’s teeth is yellow — Like, really, like Spongebob yellow. So, I come over there, and I’m like, ‘Boy, every time you smile, all the cars slow down.'” Roasted!

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