The 7 Best Beach Party Scenes

Beach Blanket Bingo
Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello defined the beach party movie with their string of '60s fun in the sun flicks that hit their peak with "Beach Blanket Bingo." To pick a singular scene from the fifth Frankie & Dee Dee escapade is a bit pointless — the whole movie is like one long beach party scene. But it's definitive: no one sings, dances and falls in love with sand and ocean landscapes quite like the swinging duo. (Photo Credit: MGM)
Moonrise Kingdom
A solid beach party takes a minimum of two people. The closer to that number, the higher probability that everyone falls in love by the end. A newcomer to the pantheon of great beach party scenes, "Moonrise Kingdom" sees the film's two young people swooning for one another over the nerdiest shoreside actives of all time. Recitations of fantasy literature, survival skill sessions, dancing to records — nerdy, but oh so lovely. (Photo Credit: Focus Features)
The Karate Kid
"Beach party" is not synonymous with "good ol' time." Daniel-san learns the hard way when he starts macking on Ali at a nighttime beach party and ends up on the wrong side of Cobra Kai punk Johnny's spin kick. Geez, can't a kid from Newark toast marshmallows with a pretty blonde without the local hoodlums kicking his butt? No. (Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures)
Point Break
When Bodhi and his crew aren't surfing gnarly waves or robbing banks in President masks, they can often be found partying it up by the beach. In one of 'Point Break''s more poetic moments, Johnny Utah sits by the campfire as Bodhi waxes poetically on riding the "the biggest surf this planet has ever seen." If there were laws for being overpoweringly lyrical, Utah would have had Bodhi right where he wanted him. (Photo Credit: Warner Bros.)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Michel Gondry's tale of romance and memory loss sifts through the deteriorating mind of Joel Barish, who struggles to forget his ex-girlfriend Clementine only to regret the decision to erase her. As he attempts to salvage what he can of their relationship, Joel flashes back to a picnic on the beaches of Montauk, Long Island where he first met the girl of his dreams. A somber spin on the beach party scene, but certainly one of cinema's most truthful. (Photo Credit: Focus Features)
Weekend at Bernie's II
If you're making a movie where the main character is a corpse who has recently been revived by a botched voodoo curse allowing him to walk towards buried treasure whenever he hears music, there's only one must-have scene: a beach resort conga line dance sequence! That's why "Weekend at Bernie's II" gets the beach party seal of approval. The reanimated star works his shuffling moves on the dance floor attracting a bevy of ladies, one of whom takes him down to the sea for a little late night smooching. It's not weird because he's only kind of dead. (Photo Credit: TriStar Pictures)
Cast Away
OK, so maybe you can have a one person beach party… as long as you have at least one other inanimate guest along with you. When Chuck Noland finds himself stranded on a deserted island, he quickly realizes that life flying solo is going to blow. Hard. But he makes the best of it, working hard to gather party goods from around the island and throwing one hell of a bash with his volleyball friend Wilson. "I have made fire!" A party, the crabs, snails, and various island plant life talked about for years. (Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox)