The BBC had no faith in Doctor Who

BBC bosses had no faith in classic sci-fi series Doctor Who when it was first launched. Director Waris Hussein helmed the first ten episodes of the show but baulked at the script, which featured Stone Age tribes struggling for power, and he insists the corporation was reluctant to make futuristic programmes.
The first actor to play the Time Lord, William Hartnell, was also uneasy about the project and wanted to pursue his film career instead.
Hussein tell British newspaper The Guardian, “(I was) a graduate from Cambridge with honours, and you’re directing this piece about about cavemen in skins. I thought, ‘Where have I landed up in my life?’ The BBC had no faith in it. The fact was, they didn’t want to make it.”
Doctor Who is now the longest-running sci-fi show on TV and celebrates its 50th anniversary this year (13).