The Black Keys land their own burger

Ohio rockers The Black Keys have had a burger at a popular U.S. restaurant chain named in their honour. Umami Burger’s Akron Burger, named after the Gold On The Ceiling hitmakers’ hometown, consists of a beef patty topped with processed American cheese Velveeta, the eatery’s secret sauce, yellow mustard, chopped onions and pickles.
Fans who order the $13 (£8) gourmet creation will also be making a donation to charity – $1 (£0.63) of each meal will benefit The Black Keys Alfred McMoore Memorial Endowment Fund, a non-profit organisation which supports arts programmes for the mentally ill in Akron’s local community.
The Akron Burger will be available to customers from 1 July (14).
The rockers aren’t the only musicians to land such a food honour – bosses at U.S. pizza chain Two Boots created a pie in tribute to Animal Collective last year (13), while their menu also boasts pizzas named after Slayer, Dr. John and jazz icon Charlie Parker.