The Blood Red Fruit Of Vampire Vineyards

Vampire VineyardsVampire Vineyards

Legend has it the founder of Vampire Vineyards got the idea for his novelty product line in 1985, after picking up a mysterious hitchhiker on a dark stretch of road.

The truth is actually more chilling. It was the brainchild of an entertainment attorney, Michael Machat. Within a few short years, Alice Cooper was a client and Selfridges was stocking the Algerian Syrah. Ah, show business.

The mediagenic blood of the vine has gotten more ink from InStyle, Spin and Maxim than Food and Wine, but no one appears to be starving. They now have a full array of offerings, from a Dracula Syrah to a Vampire Pinot, and a Chateau du Vampire Midnight Rendezvous that claims notes of dark chocolate, spiced fig and plum.

Hate the grape? There’s Vampire Chocolate, Vampyre Vodka, a vampire energy drink and Vampire Coffee, featuring a Nocturnal French Roast guaranteed to keep you up all night.