HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 28, 2000 It should be a weekend to “Remember” as “Remember the Titans” hits the box office gridiron.

Titans,” Buena Vista/Disney’s PG-rated football theme drama, is kicking off at 1,865 theaters. It has insiders seeing green, a box office color that’s been invisible so far this fall.

“I think we will remember the ‘Titans,'” observes one studio executive. “They’ll be over $20 million. At last a movie exploits the soft marketplace.”

“There’s no question ‘Remember the Titans‘ will be the number one film — $20-25 million,” predicts another distributor.

Driven by “Titans,” the weekend should be up sharply from last week when key films only managed to gross about $56 million. The improvement will come, a source maintains, “thanks to one movie, which is all the market ever needs to turn around.”

“I hope the marketplace will expand to $65 million,” a distribution executive adds, explaining the bump up will be “mostly because of ‘Titans.'”

Directed by Boaz Yakin and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman, “Titans” stars Denzel Washington.

With both Warner Bros.’ “The Exorcist” and DreamWorks’ “Almost Famous” expanding this weekend, some observers expect a close race for second place with both films doing around $8 million.

Others, however, are predicting that “Famous” will have the better hold and finish second with $7-8 million while “Exorcist” falls one notch to third with $4-5 million.

DreamWorks and Columbia’s R-rated comedy drama “Almost Famous,” which was third last weekend with 1,193 runs, will widen to 1,635 theaters in its third week.

Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, “Famous” stars Billy Crudup, Kate Hudson and Frances McDormand.

Warner Bros.’ reissue of its R-rated 1973 horror classic “The Exorcist” opened in second place last week at just 664 theaters. It will add nearly 500 runs to bring its second weekend total to 1,150 theaters. Directed by William Friedkin, “Exorcist” stars Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair and Max von Sydow.

Urban Legends,” Columbia’s R-rated horror sequel, should fall three under performs slightly and “Legends” holds up a bit better than expected, they could be slugging it out for the third spot.

Directed by John Ottman, “Urban” stars Jennifer Morrison.

Universal and Beacon Pictures’ PG-13-rated comedy “Bring It On” should slide one slot to fifth place in its sixth week. Last weekend “Bring” did $4.3 million and was only off 16%. If it slides 18% now, it will do about $3.5 million.

Bring” only cost Universal about $10 million. With its cume already over $56 million, it’s on its way to a nicely-profitable $60 million or more in domestic theaters.

Directed by Peyton Reed, “Bring” starsKirsten Dunst, Eliza Dusku, Jesse Bradford and Gabrielle Union.

Insiders aren’t expecting beautiful business from “Beautiful,” Destination Films’ PG-13-rated comedy drama opening at about 650 theaters.

“I’ll bet you it doesn’t crack the Top Five,” an insider predicts.

Directed by Sally Field, it stars Minnie Driver and Joey Lauren Adams.

Filling out lower rungs: “Nurse Betty,” “The Watcher,” “Space Cowboys,” “Bait” and “What Lies Beneath.”

This weekend will also see Sony’s Screen Gems’ limited release of its R-rated drama “Girlfight.”

Directed by Karyn Kusama, “Girlfight” stars Michelle Rodriguez.

Sony Pictures Classics’ romantic comedy “The Broken Hearts Club” opens exclusive engagements in New York and L.A. Directed by Greg Berlanti, “Broken” stars Timothy Olyphant and Andrew Keegan.