The Men of ’10 Years’

Channing Tatum as Jake
Tatum explores new emotional depths as a young man whose happy, healthy relationship is disrupted by the reappearance of his high school love.
Anthony Mackie as Andre
Anthony Mackie also stars in the film as Andre, who will endure his own emotional experiences at the high school reunion.
The Musical Stylings of Chris Pratt
Although Chris Pratt's character Cully has good intentions when he arrives at his high school reunion, he finds himself back in the old habit of bullying the less fortunate students.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Oscar Isaac
Although Reeves (Oscar Isaac) is a major league rock star, he's still shy when it comes to his old high school crush.
Long and Minghella Play Supermarket Sweep
Goofballs Marty (Justin Long) and AJ (Max Minghella) are back in the swing of their zany high school antics when the ten year reunion rolls around.
Tatum and Porter Return to Old Stomping Grounds
Jake and Scotty P (Channing Tatum and Scott Porter) reunite ten years after high school graduation, unexpectedly revisiting old joys, sorrows, insecurities, and loves. 
Reeves and Garrity
Reeves (Isaac) and Garrity (Brian Geraghty) bond over a drink, and perhaps some less than stellar memories of high school...
Jake and Paul, Together Again
Ron Livingston plays Paul, another old pal with whom Jake (Tatum) reconnects in the film.
Cruisin' Around The Old Neighborhood
There's just something about getting back together with the old gang that makes you want to hop in a car and just drive around all night...
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