“The Osbournes” Head Into Second Season

Those wacky Osbournes–Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly and Jack–start their second season Tuesday as MTV’s royal family.

This time around, however, it’s a little less wacky. In fact, it gets pretty somber when the family is faced with Sharon’s colon cancer.

Although MTV tries to continue the off-the-cuff spontaneity that characterized The Osbournes first season, the fact remains the heavy-metal rocker and his family are not only different people now–they’re a multi-million dollar industry.

The Associated Press reports the change is obvious in the first episode, which airs Tuesday at 10:30 p.m.

Sharon and Ozzy fly to Washington for the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner while Kelly prepares for her performance at the MTV Movie Awards, singing her hit Madonna cover “Papa Don’t Preach.”

It’s the second episode when things take a dramatic turn as Sharon is diagnosed with cancer. The 50-year-old is practical about it, allowing MTV to tape her first chemotherapy session, but it’s obvious the tone of the show has changed irrevocably.

“The heart and soul will continue to be this extraordinary family set in ordinary situations,” Lois Curren, MTV executive vice president of series and movie development, told AP. She was one of the executives who helped plan The Osbournes from the beginning.

“It’s all about their incredible love and respect for each other and protection for each other, and also the fact that they deal with situations so bravely and yet so magnificently absurdly,” Curren said. “It’s still a comedy.”

Twenty episodes are planned for the second season, which is still being shot. Ten will air now, with the other ten scheduled for 2003.