“The Osbournes” Makes Fall Comeback

The rockin’, swearin’ family reality series The Osbournes was a gold mine for MTV this past season, and now it’s official: They’re makin’ a comeback this fall.

On Wednesday, MTV confirmed 20 new episodes of the show that gives viewers an intimate look at the daily lives of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, his wife, Sharon, and their kids Kelly and Jack, Variety reports.

Talk of how much money is involved in the deal hasn’t been revealed; the Osbournes’ representatives, Endeavor, signed a nondisclosure clause in declining to discuss specifics.

Even MTV President Van Tofler told Variety, “We don’t get into specifics about contracts, and I hope the Osbournes and MTV both get really rich with this deal.”

Tofler did confirm, however, the deal “is not traditional” in structure. Industry insiders say the Osbournes will have full ownership of their series, with MTV a partner in rights to other revenues such as DVDs or syndication and controlling foreign distribution of the series.

But if you’re still looking for a dollar figure, insiders speculate the Osbournes will get around $20 million for the rights to the new episodes, a significant raise from their $200,000 for the first season of 10 episodes.