The Pitt, Fincher Cook Off

The first rule of the cooking club is that you never, ever talk about the cooking club.

And the second rule of the cooking club is … well, you get the point.

Sexy Brad Pitt might reunite with director David Fincher, whom the actor worked with in “Seven” and “Fight Club,” to do a film called “Seared.”

According to Daily Variety, the film is a loose reworking of chef Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential,” which centers on the career of a New York celebrity chef.

‘DEATH’ TRAP: Variety says that Michael Douglas and Billy Crystal are considering taking the leads in “Till Death Do Us Part.” The film is supposed to be a remake of 1979’s “The In-Laws” which focuses on a dentist and a CIA agent in South America.

HE GOT ‘GAME’: Variety also reports that Gary Sinise will join Philip Baker Hall and Mason Gamble in the drama “A Gentleman’s Game” about a group of men whose lives are changed forever one summer in a country club.

MACABRE TELEPATHY: “Stir of Echoes'” Kathryn Erbe will star opposite Kevin Costner in “Dragonfly,” Variety reports. The film is about a widowed doctor who senses that his wife is communicating to him through his dead patients.

Anjelica Huston ‘TIME’ FACTOR: The Hollywood Reporter says that actress-director Anjelica Huston will direct “A Time to Be Born,” a starring vehicle for Julia Roberts for Revolution Studios. Based on a Dawn Powell novel, the story follows a social climber who marries into New York high society.

Huston has a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Prizzi’s Honor” alongside her acting and directing credits. She last appeared on the big screen in “Agnes Browne.”

‘HIGH’ TIME: Actress Amanda Peet, who you may have seen in the little seen “Whipped,” might join Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd in the thriller “High Crimes.” The film is an adaptation of the novel by Joseph Finder about a high power lawyer (Judd) who must defend her husband in court. Peet will play the Judd character’s younger sister. Freeman will play another attorney.

SHAGGY, WE’VE FOUND YOU: The Reporter says that “Scream” dude Matthew Lillard might play Shaggy in the upcoming “Scooby-Doo” project. And as we reported before, Freddie Prinze Jr. and galpal Sarah Michelle Gellar are also in talks to play teen detectives Fred and Daphne.