The Rock Not Fit To Be King

In June, World Wrestling Entertainment star Dwayne Johnson–also known as The Rock–said he would play the famous Hawaiian warrior-king Kamehameha in an upcoming film for Columbia Pictures.

The film, penned by former Maui resident Greg Poirier, would be the first feature film based on Hawaii’s most famous king, who ruled the islands from 1795 to 1819.

But now the California-based North Shore Pictures Entertainment Inc. announced it is also planning a film about Kamehameha–titled Kamehameha –and they are looking for a Hawaiian actor to star in it.

Gary German, a principal with the company, told The Associated Press, “We are looking at two actors of Hawaiian descent who will make a great Kamehameha. It would be a great taboo for the part to go to a nationality that was a fierce enemy of the Hawaiians during that time.”

Johnson, a former Hawaii resident, is of Samoan and African-American ancestry.

Johnson‘s movie credits include The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King.