The scariest King story of all

Stephen King‘s novels are pretty scary, but what’s even scarier is the idea King won’t write any more.

And that’s what he told Sunday’s Los Angeles Times. After he publishes five more books and finishes work with an ABC series King said, “that’s it. I’m done. Done writing books.”

King fears that his work will become stale, to the point where “you can…[only] go where you’ve been and basically recycle stuff,” King said.

Yet as far as anyone can see, King‘s still got what it takes. His novel Dreamcatcher was on top of bestseller lists last year, and his most recent project–book-turned-ABC miniseries Rose Red–premiered atop the Sunday night ratings.

But the King of Terror has had less than successful times, too. In 1999, he was struck by an automobile close to his home in Maine and had a very painful recovery. As therapy, King turned to what he knew best: writing.

“It was very difficult to push the pen 45 minutes a day, but it was vital to get back to work because you have to break the ice somehow,” King said.

Now with the “ice broken” though, he’s ready to give it up.

Says King, “You can either continue to go on, or say I left when I was still on top of my game. I left when I was still holding the ball, instead of it holding me.”