The Stranglers drummer refuses to retire due to ill health

The Stranglers drummer Jet Black has vowed to continue performing despite ongoing health woes because he loves the thrill of playing with the band. The percussionist has spent years struggling with a heart condition, as well as troubles with his neck, spine and lungs, and has been forced to cut back on the amount of time he spends on stage, often performing just half a show with The Stranglers.
Black, 75, admits he is often urged to retire, but he wants to continue playing for as long as he can.
He tells Britain’s The Independent newspaper, “People say I should retire. I have actually, with ill health, reached this situation where I can’t do everything I used to do, but I still want to come on and do what I can. And judging by the audience’s reactions, they seem to like it. When you get up in the evening and see all those people, all you can think about for the next one and a half hours is delivering your best, and if you do, they’ll thank you for it. It is the most satisfying thing.”